How to use electronic menu boards to increase store revenue?


With the continuous development of the catering + internet era, an increasing number of catering operators are realizing that traditional marketing models are no longer able to meet the changing digital needs of the entire catering market.


The emergence of smart electronic menu boards brings new challenges and explorations to the traditional catering industry, helping the catering industry to manage more systematically, undergo digital transformation, and engage in precise marketing. By using digital means to reduce costs and increase efficiency, enrich the in-store experience, improve sales efficiency, and extend brand content output.


01 Delivering Brand Information with Electronic Menu Boards


The emergence of electronic menu boards allows for the direct delivery of brand image, enhancing the efficiency of the entire ordering process and providing customers with a more comfortable and efficient dining experience. It also enables restaurants to understand what kind of content consumers truly desire. By providing memorable and trendy menu options, through an impressive consumer experience, when customers develop loyalty to the restaurant, it can lead to increased profitability.



02 Appropriate Installation Methods for Electronic Menu Boards


Installing electronic menu boards is not difficult, but it is crucial to follow the correct installation methods to ensure their stability on the storefront and eliminate any safety hazards during long-term operation. Proper installation involves using mounting brackets and assembling them according to the rules to ensure the flexibility and stability of the electronic menu boards. This not only ensures the safety of the boards but also allows them to seamlessly integrate into the overall design atmosphere of the store. They can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation, adapting to the optimal display angle to maximize the effectiveness of the menu screens.



03 Things to Consider When Choosing Electronic Menu Boards

In order to achieve unified management and centralized deployment between headquarters and stores, and to facilitate the execution of store menus and brand strategies by the headquarters, it is important to choose reliable electronic menu boards. This reduces maintenance costs and alleviates the workload of store staff. By selecting commercial-grade electronic menu boards, it can effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency. These menu boards are designed to support long working hours, automatically power on, and do not require manual channel switching or program list adjustments. Such digital store marketing enables more flexible sales digitization and enhances the digital management capabilities of brand store marketing.



Eye-catching electronic menu boards provide ample creative space. They support the display of images, videos, and audio. While serving delicious food to customers, they can also convey your brand culture.

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