Goodview Interactive Flat Panel

Integrated video conference, HD display screen, computer, writing board, speakers,
network transmission and many other functions in one of the multimedia intelligent office equipment, let technology to create efficient

Multiple machine combine in one , scientific and technological style

Higher work efficiency, simple to use, HD anti-glare screen, built-in camera microphone, intelligent wireless screen, high stability, freedom notation.

Goodview 会议平板敏畅版
  • Projector

  • Monitor

  • Touch

  • Electronic

  • Drawing

  • Television

  • Computer

  • Audio

Super integration configure, make the remote call more clearly

Support 4K HD preview, 1080P picture transmission, 2.5 K desktop sharing, 1200Mega pixels, 1080P HD cameras, support virtual Cloud platform, the camera automatically focuses on the speaker when using teleconferencing.

The meeting software support 500 square at the same time for the meeting with clear and remote communication experience

built-in ultra wide angle camera, restore the real meeting scenario

Super control management, let the meeting be orderly, support for screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, build more interactive collaboration space.。

hidden voices
Face intelligent tracking
Audio-visual upgrade

Full-range acoustic design automatic gain 2.1 channel stereo sound

Built-in double array microphones, 8 meters distance, high power full-range acoustic design upgrade, bringing more scene expansion.

6 microphone array sound
source localization
automatic gain
2.1 channel stereo

Wireless screen projection, one-click screen
Say goodbye to the hassle of
connecting cables

One-click synchronization of large and small screen images and audio,
Support multiple people to share the same screen at the same time,Convenient and efficient
Large and small screen operation free, multi-screen free switching。

0.09s one-click screen projection
Audio and video synchronization, two-way touch

Precise written Easy

≤2mm ultra-low writing height* with 1mm high-precision* infrared touch to restore the natural writing feeling, built-in pen lift detection function, page turning by gesture touch or smart writing pen, and multi-person annotated writing operation. Also equipped with a multi-function eraser, you can make changes and annotations to the content in real time

Open the PPT/WORD/video easily

New function upgrade faster, more convenient

Realize two-color writing at both ends
of the writing pen

0.04 s low latency, writing support OCR intelligent recognition
The whiteboard is prebuilt with a fast file transfer function, so you can scan the code to share your cell phone in real time.
Images or documents to the large screen side, insert into the whiteboard for annotations, etc.
Files can be modified and shared anytime, anywhere, with smart gestures and a code to take away.

  • Flexible writing
  • Record the notation
  • Page flip function
  • Zoom in and
    zoom out
  • Mobile
  • Gestures to

High-definition picture preview, support for desktop sharing

ractive video conferencing experts, users can quickly open high-definition and smooth video conferencing through cell phones, computers, conference tablets Realize
"see screen as face"

4K wireless screen
Meeting presentations are "visible"

Reverse touch, share information with team quickly, presentations, report, support four split screens with the same display
Direct contact page, notation, demonstrate the interaction at close range, contrast results instantly, meeting decisions more quickly.

  • multiple screen
  • Reverse control
  • Touch back

Full screen fit , great visual experience

Delicate and beautiful super narrow bezel design, improve the screen ratio, angle of view,
the laminating technology, reduce parallax, reflection, strong light, clearly screen

0-fit parallax-free anti-glare 90%
NTSC high color gamut

Double upgrade performance of memory, updated Android/ Windows 10 Performance is more focused

With excellent operability, super hardware fitment and multiple application software, 4 core CPU, processing more smoothly, adopts the modular system solutions, through the same interface to support high-speed Windows 10.0 system module, the module switching using Android 9.0 system.

Android 9.0 / Windows 10 optional

Compatible with a variety of scenarios, interface, one key can enable energy saving mode,
standby power consumption
is only 0.5 w/h

Flexible reference fully functional Type - c interface, a line of integration of a variety of signal source, multiport compatible adapter, two-way interaction,
meet the demand of all type of business meeting, extreme experience of the meeting.

More interface Expand the possibilities

Reference Type - c interface forms, mobile phones, tablet, computer video, audio, such as USB signals between tablet and meeting each other,
save multiple wire connection, two-way interaction, easy and convenient;

Application scenarios

Goodview interactive flat panel is widely used in commercial, financial, medical, production, education and other industries.

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